Let’s understand how a software company gets the projects and how they starts the development of the projects.

A Client organization required a website for business. For this they approaches a software company. Client Organization wants to create a website, but they don’t have proper idea of the website can be built for their requirement.

Software Organization forms a project management team which contains project architect, Project Manager, Business Analysts and few senior software engineers. The Software Organization send the Project Management team to main branch of Client Organization for the complete study of the requirement.

Once the complete analysis is done, the project management team prepares a document called Requirement Document. Once the Requirement Document is finalized then the Project Architect decides the technologies to be used to develop the project, he decides the technologies to be used for client side, server side and database side technologies.

Once the Technology Stack is ready, they recruits or forms development team for the project. The Development team contains three types of developers such as

  1. Client Side Developers
  2. Server Side Developers
  3. Database Developers

At the client side, there are again two kinds of Software Engineers like UI Designers, UI Developers. First the requirement document is shared with UI Designer.

UI Designer understand the complete Requirement document and he proposes two or three designs using his creative skills and with UI Design knowledge with the required UI Design tools. Once the designs are ready, Client selects a design for the project.

Once the design is ready, UI Designer prepares a design Document and shares with UI Developer. Now UI Developer gets the UI Design document and starts the development of the complete front end of the project.



For every project development there may be three or four developers for UI. Each developer has to develop their code in the local environment. The company provided Desktop or laptop where the development project starts is called as Local Environment.

Before starting any project, all the developers has to install the required technologies setup or software in their local environment. This process is called as development environment setup.

Once the setup is ready then all the developers start development of the project in their local environments. Once the development is ready in their local environments they will integrate the code in DEV Environment.

Once the code is integrated with the server side and database code, all the developers will perform one round of testing this is called as Unit Testing

Once Unit Testing is finalized then they will push the code to UAT Environment.

UAT stands for User Acceptance Test, this is the environment is accessible for all the testers of the project. In this environment all the testers will apply few testing techniques like integration testing and smoke testing.

Once the testing is finalized then the code is ready to push to PROD Environment. This environment is the last stage of any project development, this is also called as Live Environment. This environment is accessible to all the customers of the client organization.

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