Django Templates- Learn To Create Your First Template

It is not recommended to write “HTML” inside Python Script ( file)

It is because:

  1. It reduces readability of code.
  2. No clear separation of roles. Python developer has to concentrate on both Python Code and HTML Code.
  3. It does not promote reusability of code.

We can overcome these problems by separating HTML Code into a separate HTML file. This HTML file is nothing but template.

From the Python file ( we can use these templates based on our requirement.

We have to write templates at project level only once and we can use these in multiple applications.


  1. To know the…

Let’s understand how a software company gets the projects and how they starts the development of the projects.

A Client organization required a website for business. For this they approaches a software company. Client Organization wants to create a website, but they don’t have proper idea of the website can be built for their requirement.

Software Organization forms a project management team which contains project architect, Project Manager, Business Analysts and few senior software engineers. The Software Organization send the Project Management team to main branch of Client Organization for the complete study of the requirement.

Once the complete analysis…

UI Development is the process of developing a Front End of any websites using Various UI Technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and Angular JS for better interaction with a user and the underlying system.

UI Development


There are different names for UI like “GUI”, “UI”, “UX” and “Front-End

GUI → Graphical User Interface

UI → User Interface

UX → User Experience

Front-End → The front look and Feel of any website

Initial days of communication between two human beings, it required a language and body language.

The same if a person wants to communicate with a machine it requires the…

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